C.M.R. Accounting

since 1987

-Personal income tax returns
-Farming income tax returns
-Rental property tax returns
-Income tax returns for deceased individiuals
-Trust income tax returns
-Corporate income tax returns
Efile Services
When you have your income tax return(s) prepared
by us your return will also be Efiled to the CRA at no additional charge
Bookkeeping & Accounting
Monthly, tri-monthly and annual plans are available.
Plans are customized to the individual client's needs.
HST return are also prepared where required.
Income Tax Returns
Training Services
Many small business owners find that it is much more convenient and cost effective for them
when we provide training to them or to their staff. We provide setup and training on many of the
popular small business accounting programs. Simply Accounting and the more advanced Business Vision
are two systems which we implement for many business.